The Creators

Jave Galt-Miller

The WriterJave is a New Jersey transplant to La-La Land. Introduced to trashy war novels at a young age where the guy always bangs the girl(s), and heartbroken in high school by a bi-chick who went full lesbian, he knows what it means to be turned on by femme-femme action. After a year of working in post production at Lifetime, and then another year at OWN, Jave did what any sane male wordsmith would do after being subjected to so much estrogen on a daily basis: he wrote a comic about lesbian zombies.

Wayne A Brown

The Artist

Raised in Baltimore, Wayne wanted to be a comic book artist since high school. He is inspired by the work of Arthur Adams, Marc Sylvestri, Todd Mcfarlane, Wally Wood, and Jack Kirby, among others. He created and illustrated the web comic Weepin Willows as well as the acclaimed Comic Monster Mafia. He has illustrated numerous other works, including Signed C: the missing for Wayward Raven Media. Married, with four children, his days of chasing lesbo strange are behind him.

Raymond "Monds" Agustin

The Colorist


Monds was born in Manila, in the Philippines in 1987 – just two days after the release of the last classic Captain Hammer film – Hammered! Whether or not this auspicious date had any effect on his future artisitc career is anyone’s guess, but his work and dedication make it clear that Monds is set to become one of the renowned artists of his home country.  You can find more of his work on Deviant Art at MONDS08.DEVIANTART.COM.

Laura RuggeriThe Colorist


Having joined the team for Issue #3, Laura is a freelance colorist from Argentina; she studied Visual Arts in the Rosario’s National University and has been working in the comic industry for several years. Her comic artist heroes are Katsuhiro Otomo, Moebius, Alberto Breccia, and Daniel Clowes, among others. She loves to draw and paint and has a special affinity for zombie stories – partly because her grandmother on her father’s side was a well known zombie activist.

Shawn DepasqualeLettering


Shawn is a Los Angeles based television, movie and comic book writer. His previous graphic novels SPACE, MN, and PIXIES, were critically acclaimed, and are now drawing motion picture interest from a major production company. Shawn is a jack-of-all-trades in the comic book industry, having lettered work for Image, Oni, Archaia, Zenescope and more since 2003. He’s dated two lesbians, both of whom promptly went back to dating women. (Due to ducking his hefty tab at the Frolic Room, he walks the streets in a horse mask.)

Sefa GuerreroCover Art


Born and raised in southern Spain outside Algeciras, Sefa studied Fine Arts with a concentration in Artistic Heritage Restoration. This field of course led to her fascination with lesbian zombies. As (formerly) the only woman on the LZfOS team, we don’t want to scare her off with any crude sexual innuendo here in this bio. But you should definitely check out her non-zombie work at, and follow her on Twitter @sefaguerrero

Bruno ChiroleuCover Art


Bruno hails from Argentina, and apart from drawing some awesome cover art, he is also the editor and publisher of Términus magazine.  Recently he was the artist on the successfully funded SUPER here on Kickstarter. You can find more of his work on Deviant Art at BRUNOCHIROLEU.DEVIANTART.COM. With his sexy Latin accent and that suave, devil-may-care stare, you can bet Bruno is being accosted by the ladies wherever he goes – even the lesbians.